Chingford Horticultural Society
        Our AUTUMN SHOW is next,
on Saturday 3rd September
at Mornington Hall,
(at end of Green Walk)
Station Road, North Chingford

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Our store is OPEN
Sunday A.M. AS USUAL!

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Store open Sundays, 9.30 - Noon
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Chingford Horticultural Society
aims to further the cause of horticulture -
and interest in it -
throughout our sphere of influence.

To this end we hold FOUR SHOWS every year!
No other horticultural Society in or around the Greater London area
is so ambitious or effective in this respect!

Naturally, our shows are open for entry to ALL levels of gardening enthusiast: Expert, Novice, Junior.

The Hall is opened for the general public to view the Exhibits from 2.00pm onwards -
after the Judges have done their work!

There are the usual wide range of exhibits and classes on display,
and, though we do say so ourselves, the quality of entries is high!

Because of this, our shows attract good public attendance,
not least for the auction of unreserved produce at the show's end,
plant sales and the welcome teas, cakes and goodies sold during the shows!

Sad News
Tony Potts, Gardener
Sadly we must inform you of the death,
early in July, of Tony Potts.
Despite his age increasing, Tony was never
an 'old man' - working vigorously at
his allotment, ready to give advice
and support to newcomers and
always quick with wit and wisdom.
Tony's funeral has already taken place.

2016 Show schedules, now available.
Please... CLICK HERE

Entry forms at end of schedules,

See pictures of ALL class-winning show entries
via the following link.

Epping Horticultural Society
hosts a lecture by
BBC Allotment Challenge winner
on Sep 10
click HERE for info

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